COVID-19 Info

We make sure to comply with all hygiene & disinfection requirements regarding packing your order.

Domestic shipping:
Currently, there are no restrictions on domestic shipping. Orders will get shipped throughout all of regions of Germany (as of March 27th, 2020)

International shipping: (UPDATE: March 10th, 2021 10:30 am)
DHL is no longer charging a crisis surcharge on shipping to the USA.

At this time, transport capacities to the US are considerably reduced. In light of this, special measures are required in order to maintain mail and parcel service. Please note that since September 15, 2020, we have been shipping some products to the US via ocean freight. This will apply until further notice. As a result, very lengthy transit times of at least 25 to 30 days should be expected. For destinations in the western United States or in remote regions, the transit time may be considerably longer.

Service to Japan for letters, small packages (Päckchen), Warenpost items and parcels is available. Due to limited transport capacity, customers can expect longer transit times, especially for Päckchen and Economy Paket products.

Australia / New Zealand
Because transport capacity to Australia and New Zealand is very limited at this time, special measures are required to maintain letter and parcel service. For some products, we have developed a solution that combines air transport to the Middle East or South Asia with subsequent ocean transport, which allows us to resume previously suspended re-routing service. Please note that this combined air/ocean rerouting will result in very lengthy transit times. At present, timeframes of 40/50 days or more can be expected for service to Australia and New Zealand, where transit times are also being impacted by import customs clearance processes at the ports. Should shipment volumes exceed capacity on the direct flights that are available, we reserve the right to transport additional products to the destination country via this combined solution.


For further info please see our AGB.

You can write us an email. We usually reply within 24 hours during the week.
If you have any questions about your order, please use

Purchase of tickets:
The purchase of hard tickets in our shops will continue to be easily possible. However, a lot of events and shows have been cancelled or postponed.
We will indicate within the items, whether the show has been postponed.
If you have any questions regarding the show, please contact the local promoter directly.
We play by this rule: if the tickets are still on sale, we assume that the show is going to take place as planned – if this changes on behalf of the promoter, we will react immediately.

Already purchased tickets:
No panic please – in general there are alternate dates planned for all concerts. We will communicate these in the item description and via email. The tickets will remain valid.

The exchange of tickets is no possible due to to logistics reasons - that means in fact you’re not able to change your ticket into another city or date.
We created a facebook-swap-platform where you can exchange your tickets - here’s the link:

Delivery & Processing time:
The delivery time for national shipments will take 3-4 business days, international shipments will take 5-8 business days. Deliveries may be delayed by a few days!
The processing time of your ticket return can take up to 10 business days. The reimbursement will be made within 15 business days at the latest.

Thanks for your support and stay healthy!
Your Merchcowboy-Team